An association of IT companies is Likely to Be Established in Moldova

The Association of IT companies will be established in Moldova, stated Paul A. Galbraith, representative of the Support to MEPO/MIDA Project, on Monday, November 5.

Galbraith specified that this agreement was convened during the meeting between the “Support to MEPO/MIDA” Project experts and representatives of Moldovan IT companies. “The establishment of the association will facilitate the interaction between IT companies, defend their rights and contribute to expanding international agreements”, the representative of Support to MEPO/MIDA Project said.

As to the trade/investment mission of Romanian IT companies to Moldova, Galbraith stated that its objective is to establish new trade and investment relations and diversify the export markets in the EU. “We organized a face-to-face meeting for them to establish cooperation agreements that will help to interact better and develop business in Moldova and Romania respectively”, said the representative of Support to MEPO/MIDA Project. At the same time, Galbraith told that with contacts on Moldovan market, the Romanian companies will more easily find niches in the CIS space, while Moldovan IT operators, on the EU market.

Eight Romanian and ten Moldovan IT companies participate in the Moldovan-Romanian trade/investment mission. The action is organized by the Support to MEPO/MIDA Project financed by the European Union and the Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development Project financed by the USAID. The mission will continue until November 7 and will be followed by a number of bilateral meetings between Romanian and Moldovan companies.

According to the organizers, a similar mission with the participation of Moldovan and Bulgarian IT companies is to be organized soon.


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