ANECT Implemented Electronic Operations Documentation at Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

With the new system the ministry now has a great tool to document all of their ICT assets, and monitor any changes related to them.

ANECT a.s. implemented a new application called ePD (Electronic Operations Documentation) at the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MPSV). The application will help the ministry to centralize and visualize their ICT environment documentation, and link each ICT item in it to related technical, maintenance and logistics information.

“ICT Administration is specific and more demanding than other types of property administration – ICT components are often replaced, and they can be also easily moved from one place to another. In addition to that, it is also necessary to register all software licenses, which are sometimes a major part of the ICT environment value. Most systems currently used for property administration are not flexible enough to handle this at all – and that is why MPSV decided to implement a special ePD application, with which ICT documentation will be much easier,” said Jaroslav Hlousek, ANECT Managing Director.

ANECT?s ePD application for MPSV is a transparent, integrated system for property documentation that monitors all transfers among the ministry departments which are – in terms of organization and accounting – regarded as independent entities. The application helps users to minimize delays in publishing item changes, and thus provide identical up-to-date information to all the people involved – with minimum administration difficulty.

The new solution includes registers of both the components that are currently being used and the ones in store, as well as documentation of all active ICT components, transfer infrastructure and network services. All this information can now be shared across all MPSV departments and offices.

With ePD the ministry will be also able to monitor the device life cycle – from the moment it is purchased, through implementation, maintenance and migration, until the item is finally erased from the registry. At any given moment, MPSV will thus have a detailed and accurate map and description of their ICT environment, which will be great help in ICT investment planning and so forth.

The ePD application was designed and tuned in order to support easy integration of various data from a number of resources, including design plans and maps. At the same time it provides a simple, user-friendly web interface with functionalities for data entry, presentation and analysis that are easy to find and work with.

Source: ANECT

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