ANECT Successfully Passed Cisco Brand Protection Audit

ANECT Successfully Passed Cisco Brand Protection Audit

In June, ANECT a.s. successfully passed a demanding Cisco Brand Protection Audit, the aim of which was to check whether ANECT uses only official Cisco products and does not buy any in the grey market (or even use mock devices).

The audit team also took a close look at registration, and checked if all of the purchased devices are registered exactly as required by Cisco regulations.

ANECT passed the audit with excellent results. The auditors highly appreciated the atmosphere in the company, and acknowledged ANECT?s strict adherence to the procedures defined by Cisco regulations.

Their positive feedback on ANECT was passed on to the local branch office of Cisco Systems. ANECT was also encouraged to contact the audit team whenever there is a suspicion of Cisco regulations being breached by competitors or if the company needs any support while trying to persuade their clients about advantages of purchasing Cisco products.

Source: ANECT

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