Apriorit Tallies Up 2011

Apriorit Tallies Up 2011

Apriorit, big Ukrainian outsourcer and provider of the exclusive research and development solutions, evaluates its trajectory in 2011 and defines it as the year of the stable growth.

Geographically, Apriorit made a special accent on Europe this year, expanding its client base to France and intensifying work with the Great Britain partners. While the company continues successful collaboration with the clients in India and South Korea, USA – possessing the biggest share in the company’s client base – remains the strategic direction of Apriorit business development now and for the upcoming years.

In 2011, Hypertection – the market pioneer solution, hypervisor-based antivirus system for virtual environments – came into the world. Hypertection start-up, a subsidiary of Apriorit, had a successful start attracting at once significant attention of the virtualization market leaders. This young company anticipates 2012 to become a year of great partnership and intensive growth. Moreover, the work on Hypertection solution helped the Virtualization Direction of Apriorit development to become shaped and independent unit of the company, possessing its own labs, knowledge base and technologies.

This year, Apriorit has continued to work on an interesting scientific project together with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea). It lies in the area of Virtualization for mobile devices. Last year, Apriorit project team completed the solution to switch between two Android OS on an ARM-based mobile device. In 2011, more complex solution was introduced, supporting now also Windows 7 OS and x86-based tablets. This ground-breaking technology is being commercialized, and at the moment, it has drawn attention of the top hardware manufacturers.

Considering the specialists with high skills and knowledge to be the most important resource in R&D business, Apriorit continues its work in the educational context of Ukraine. Two series of the traditional Apriorit developer course were held in 2011, and about 100 students, who had successfully passed the entrance test, attended the free lectures and worked on the teaching projects in Apriorit labs with the leading specialists of the company as their tutors. 2012 is planned to become the first year, when Apriorit developer and tester courses are held not only in Dniproperovsk, where the company is headquartered, but also in Zaporizhia, where the second Ukrainian development office of the company is situated.

“Work with the future specialists is very important”,

says Dennis Turpitka, CEO of Apriorit.

“We are trying not only to give some advanced C++ knowledge, or teach them driver development. We offer them technical English lectures, we try to tell about basic principles of work with business clients, work in process. This is the base for the successful work in any modern IT area, actually”.

About Apriorit Inc.

Apriorit is advanced software Development and Research company providing professional services for the clients around the globe from 2002. Main working scopes are Driver Development, Low-Level Programming, Security Solutions, Virtualization. Company includes two independent subdivisions that are Research and Reversing Team and Quality Assurance b and Testing Department. Apriorit offers all variety of the outsourcing work models together with the wide experience and knowledge in the cutting edge technologies. Ability to perform deep research and produce exclusive solutions won recognition for Apriorit in both business and scientific circles.

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