ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA at WWE and EFMC 2018 Events

ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA at WWE and EFMC 2018 Events

During this year, besides ARCHIBUS Nexus, ARCHIBUS and ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA were also present in two prominent international events.

The first is World Workplace Europe, which took place in Barcelona from May 15th to May 17th. ARCHIBUS, Inc. in EMEA was the sponsor of this event, and the ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA was also represented. ARCHIBUS President, John McGee, was the key speaker and the ARCHIBUS brand was also present throughout the event. World Workplace Europe is one of many representative events for both FM professionals and technicians. Moreover, the involvement of both IFMA and RICS, as organizers, has added even more weight to the event from this point of view.


Another major event is EFMC (European Facility Management Conference), which took place this year in Sofia, June 5-8. This is the biggest FM event in Europe, and this year it was at its 26th edition. The ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA has been present at this event on two fronts: the introduction of the LOOF Portal and the sponsorship of a new area, Wellness Space, the two newest initiatives of the foundation. Both are well aligned with the purpose of the ARCHIBUS Foundation.


The LOOF portal is a project funded by EuroFM and the ARCHIBUS Foundation. Its goal is to create a community portal through which organizations that offer internship opportunities, research posts, and other positions can get in touch with people looking for such options. Knowing that there is a lack of expertise in the FM industry, the ARCHIBUS Foundation hopes the LOOF will lead to an improvement of the issue, increasing the visibility of opportunities and candidates across the region.

EFMC Wellness Space addresses a hot topic for the FM industry and beyond. Well-being at work is no longer a matter of employee safety. The impact of the working environment on employees’ health is now a highly debated issue. Some companies already offer “well-being” areas as part of their health and safety programs. In addition, promoting health and well-being is now considered to be an integral part of human resources policy in many organizations. They focus on various aspects, ranging from reducing absenteeism to increasing productivity. In short, a happy and healthy workforce is good for any organization and its stakeholders.



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