ARMADA to Start Working with Federal Migration Service

ARMADA to Start Working with Federal Migration Service

ARMADA OAO (MICEX, RTS: ARMD) hereby announces its victory in a public tender held by the Federal Migration Service for the provision of services related to the development of Labor Migration software. The system is designed to supervise the procedure for issuing work permits for foreigners to Russian companies and individuals.

The main purpose of the Labor Migration system is to automate processes related to decision-making support for work permits issued in Russia, and store information on the flow of labor immigrants to Russia. As part of the contract, the existing Labor Migration system will be updated to comply with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. The company will also upgrade the functions used to provide services on issuing patents for work activities and work permits in Russia.

“We are happy to be part of this process of converting important and socially significant services provided by the Federal Migration Service into electronic format. ARMADA has extensive experience in the automation of public services and the creation of e-government facilities, and I am therefore confident that we will be able to successfully use it in the Federal Migration Service’s projects. We view our victory in this tender and the beginning of cooperation with the Federal Migration Service as recognition of our experience,”

said ARMADA OAO General Director Roman Kruglyakov.

Source: ARMADA

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