AROBS Selected to Participate in 2010 Nokia World Hackaton 2010

AROBS Transilvania Software is competing in 2010 Nokia World Hackaton, a real marathon of the developers for mobile applications.

The competition, held in London on 14-15 September, during 2010 Nokia Developer Summit, consists of developing round o’clock a series of special applications for Nokia N8 smartphone. The software applications are based on the winning ideas submitted by consumers during this year’s Make My App contest.
“AROBS Transilvania Software was selected, together with other 13 top international companies to create a working application for the new smartphone, Nokia N8. Every company is assigned a specific theme and the application is to be created by two  developers”, declared Voicu Oprean, General Manager AROBS Transilvania Software.

As the competition takes place over two days, the specialists from AROBS Transilvania Software have approximately 48 hours to develop the application for use on the Nokia device.

The theme assigned to AROBS belongs to Think Green Category and was submitted by a young man from Jamaica during Make My App contest. The BioSeen application will alllow users of Nokia N8 to download info about organisms whose pictures were taken with the mobile phone. Additionally, the Nokia N8 owners will be able to identify the locations by geotagging (the process of adding geographical identification metadata to photos taken by a device with built-in GPS functionality.)

“The use of this application consists in locating and preserving valuable or rare species, as well as promoting them by sharing the infos with other interested users”., underlined the AROBS official.

The top three applications developed during 2010 Nokia World Hackaton will receive over 80,000 Euros in cash and prizes. All working applications developed during this “marathon of software developers” will be available for free download on Ovi Store, Nokia
AROBS Transilvania Software is participating in 2010 Nokia World Hackaton together with other countries, suc as: Denmark, Egypt, japan, India, Portugal and Mexic.

Best luck to the Romanian competitors!

Source: Arobs

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