Artezio Attended the CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit

Artezio Attended the CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit

The CIO Forum is an educational and interactive gathering of IT professionals. The Summit’s content, developed by regional leaders, is aimed at the corporate, educational, healthcare, government and finance communities of each region. These forums are by invitation only and provide IT professionals with necessary education and technology resources, affording them the ability to deploy innovative, full spectrum solutions within their organizations.

Artezio managers were invited to participate at the recommendation and approval of the Executive Advisory Council. Artezio was invited in the software vendor category as it addresses the specific needs of regional leaders in the Philadelphia area.

Sina Adibi, General Manager, Artezio-NA reported that “IT Summit attendees heard a lot about Big Data in the context of mining their respective companies CRM data to derive better business intelligence”, continued Adibi. “Philadelphia region has had a host of such events discussing solution offerings from the likes of IBM as well as ORACLE. Attention to Big Data is an indication of the awakening of different industry segments to the value of analyzing their pre-existing CRM content and Artezio-NA with its large team of data analysts and database experts is positioned well to service their needs”.

Source: Artezio

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