Artezio Creates Dedicated Telecom GroupArtezio Creates Dedicated Telecom Group

Artezio Creates Dedicated Telecom GroupArtezio Creates Dedicated Telecom Group

Artezio Software launches a dedicated department in support of telecom related and embedded projects. The department will gather the 11 years of Artezio’s experience in telecom software development, network management, OSS/BSS, mobile solutions etc.

According to Gartner statistics the worldwide telecommunications market will reach $2 trillion in 2012 and is constantly growing by attracting new players. Due to the ongoing changes, leading telecom players are facing various challenges. These include a shift in revenues from product to Telco services, immense competitive pressures on equipment from low-cost players, monetizing the existing and new product portfolio, product customization for global markets while keeping abreast with the disruptive technology innovations.

As to Artezio, the telecommunications market has been the company’s domain since its establishment. For more than 11 years in operation Artezio has completed over a hundred of telecom related projects.

Artezio top-management decided to establish dedicated Telecom Group division to co-ordinate operations from Nizhny Novgorod SDC to respond to growing number of projects in Telecom related and embedded technologies. The local team combines high level expertise from professionals with Telecoms and embedded computing experience.

“The Nizhniy Novgorod region has traditionally served as an industrial center of embedded systems for different branches, especially for telecommunications. For the past year we have created a strong team of high class developers, experts in software and hardware platforms as well as developers of client-server mobile applications for complicated information systems of enterprise or regional level. We plan on developing this expertise further using the whole intellectual and resource potential of the region”, – comments Dmitry Parshin, the Head of Artezio SDC in Nizhniy Novgorod.

To date Artezio Telecom expertise covers a wide variety of both desktop and mobile IT solutions and services. The projects recently delivered by Artezio include custom software solutions, CRM/PRM solutions, portal development, data warehousing, network management systems, IVR and IWR systems, SAP telecom etc. The dedicated department is currently working on innovative cloud based mobile solutions.

“Artezio since its inception has focused on Telecoms and has developed deep expertise in different technologies, by leveraging its telecom expertise both on theoretical and practical level. Artezio has established long-term relationships with blue chip Mobile Operators and Telecom providers in USA and Europe. The establishment of a new dedicated Telecom group will help us embrace future technological advances in the ever changing Telecom landscape and leverage our experience to ensure delivering projects using the latest technologies. For Artezio, the customer is its centre focus and we will continue to evolve to provide better service and meet customer expectations”, – comments George Polatsidis, EVP Solutions & Client Services, EMEA.

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