Artezio Introduces iVizart – Innovative Graphic Editor of Objects

Artezio Introduces iVizart – Innovative Graphic Editor of Objects

To date users can find a lot of instruments for visual design and information interpretation. Some instruments deal with routine business tasks while the others represent specialized products for design and creation of complex systems. However most of the solutions don’t provide enough functionality and require high license fees.

For example, online services that support team work in a “live” mode (Gliffy, Lucidchart, Creately) are usually limited to a few functions. Screen elements of design are simple and rather meant to satisfy routine needs. Professional solutions such as IBM Rational Modeler or Sparx Enterprise Architect are very complicated for elementary users, pricy and provide narrow specialized engineering functions.

Office solutions such as Microsoft Visio and OmniGraffle represent a balance between ease and functionality. However these solutions don’t provide enough possibilities for team work, including some functions of corporate social networks.

As a result the user is forced to purchase all three products to create usual office diagrams in collaboration with geographically distributed colleagues and solve narrow specialized tasks.

iVizart has been developed in order to create a unified platform for working with different types of graphic visualizations, engineering tasks and infographics. iVizart supports team work and includes some functions of social networks. The product functions as a SaaS service, can be easily integrated with other products and allows data import/export. Users can also enhance functionality by adding new graphic elements. Thus iVizart is very easy to use due to its simple interface, cloud technologies and context functions.

Artezio management considers a number of variants for the product commercialization. The most perspective one is the free-to-pay model. In this case the basic access to iVizart will be granted for free, but particular specialized functions and more complex graphic and engineering elements will be provided for a fee.

At the moment the product is on active development stage. Potential customers are welcome to request a demo-version. The public presentation and product release are planned on September 2012.

Source: Artezio
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