Artezio Introduces SendFile – Innovative Solution for Secure Exchange of Big Sized Files

Artezio Introduces SendFile – Innovative Solution for Secure Exchange of Big Sized Files

Sooner or later any company faces the problem of file exchange control. A lot of projects, variety of contractors and large volumes of documentation provoke difficulties in file exchange both inside the company and involving external customers and partners. It’s necessary that the file exchange service corresponds with the company’s security policy, isn’t blocked by antivirus or antispam systems.

Providing file exchange between colleagues companies usually use corporate email services (for example, MS Outlook) that limit maximum file size (up to 10 Mb usually). For sharing large sized files employees frequently use web services that don’t correspond with the company’s security policy, such as Skype file transfer or file exchange services like Rapidshare and DepositFiles that use public FTP-servers.

The new file exchange service has been developed by Artezio dedicated department for cloud technologies as a result of an internal project launched to satisfy the company’s internal needs as a part of the company’s R&D activity. Artezio SendFile is a web application with a convenient and simple user interface that allows sending and receiving file exchange requests and traking status by integration with corporate email service. The size of the files is limited only by the free space on the disk located at the application server. Storage time is restricted for each file and is controlled by users that helps manage disk space more effectively. Security of the file transfer operations is provided by using HTTPS protocol.

“Just like any IT company we deal with large volumes of project documentation and constantly exchange information between the project participants. Using FTP server is not always convenient, and the sender can’t always track if the file has been downloaded by the required person. We also faced some problems with access and authorization. This is why we decided to develop our own solution based on our internal needs thus playing both Contractor and Customer at the same time”, comments Denis Romanovsky, Artezio CTO.

As a result the new special innovative service has been developed. Artezio SendFile is based on Java technologies and allows solving a wide circle of tasks. The benefits include file transfer of any type or size, no need in using FTP server, email notification service for both sender and recipient, file status tracking, possibility to forward or resend files, file managing and history etc. Authorization problem was solved by integration with Active Directory that erased the need in creating additional user accounts and regulated the file access. Another advantage of Artezio SendFile is the possibility to request files from another user that receives an email notification with a link leading to upload page. Thus the request receiver doesn’t have to be registered in the service. This is how the secure file exchange between the employees of different companies is provided.

Artezio SendFile has been successfully implemented to Artezio internal infrastructure and due to its simple use and convenience already covers more than 90 percent of large sized file exchange within the company. Short deployment terms and support access through user interface transformed the project to the innovative commercial solution that has already been implemented in a number of companies.

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