Artezio Participates in the KITENPI Project in Norway

Artezio Participates in the KITENPI Project in Norway

KITENPI (Kolarctic IT Education Networking Partnering Infrastructure) project is dedicated to the development of the interaction between North European countries and Russia in the area of the information and telecommunications technologies implementation in the healthcare sector.

The event held in August 2011 gathered representatives of nearly 20 Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Russian companies. Being one of the leaders in healthcare software development and integration Artezio was invited as an expert from the Russian IT sector.

To date Artezio has accomplished a number of projects in support of life sciences industry such as Clinical Trials Management Software, Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Solutions as well as specialized mobile and handheld applications.

The aim of Artezio participation was to tell about the most up-to-date software solutions and products for healthcare companies offered by Russian vendors as well as demonstrate the efficiency of such solutions and their compatibility with not only Russian, but world standards. Artezio presentation was based on the existing implementations that are successfully working in a number of top healthcare, research and pharma companies. Artezio representatives demonstrated a high-level understanding of modern trends and industry requirements and paid special attention to the possibilities of the mutual beneficial interaction between Russia and Nordic countries in the healthcare sector.

Besides, a special attention was paid to rather inefficient interaction between medical and IT-companies. In particular, Artezio representatives underlined an incomplete customers’ understanding of software development process specificity and insufficient flexibility of developers.

In this connection Agile approach used by Artezio seems to be the most effective way to improve the current software development paradigm in the region. Artezio specialists in Healthcare-IT were invited to advise on this problem in the future as well.

Stanislav Bosenko, Artezio VP of Business Development: “Artezio participation in this conference turned out to be very productive. The event format involved round tables and open workshops that allowed to effectively distribute information about running projects and present healthcare industry trends to all of the participants.  This sector has been the most preferable and successful for Artezio for the past 5 years. We implemented a lot of large projects in the USA, UK, Switzerland and Russia and now we consider development of our services in North Europe to be the right continuation of Artezio international expansion. The moment is especially suitable right now because of the high demand on healthcare solutions and increasing interest of European customers in Russian developers”.

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