Asseco SEE in Croatia Finalized huge Project in Bank Millennium Poland

Asseco SEE in Croatia Finalized another huge Project in Europe: Digital Signature Solution Successfully Implemented in Bank Millennium Poland.

Bank Millennium, one of the ten biggest Polish banks, introduced another authentication method in electronic banking based on Asseco SEE solution ASEBA PKI VAS.

Asseco SEE in Croatia, an expert in the field of PKI SmartCard Digital Signature and Encryption solutions, announced that it has successfully finalized implementation of ASEBA PKI VAS in Polish Bank Millennium. Thanks to the implementation of Asseco SEE digital signature solution, Bank Millennium offered new authentication method to its clients and enabled on-line registration, issuing and renewal of certificates.

ASEBA PKI VAS (Validation Authority Suite) enables smooth and easy implementation of Digital Signature based on smartcards and standard X509 certificates. Extensive set of ASEBA PKI VAS modules and APIs provides high security for both on-line and off-line e-banking transactions and enables tight integration with business and IT environments. Besides delivery of ASEBA PKI VAS solution, Bank Millennium project included modifications related to customer’s specific requirements and delivery of smartcards and readers.

Source: Asseco SEE
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