ASSECO Group Crossing the Borders to Austria

ASSECO Group confirmed its ability to succeed outside of the CEE region by expanding to the West and establishing Asseco Germany.
This first step is in a short time followed by another one – after gaining 60% stake in the Austrian company UNIQUARE Software Development, Asseco Group is heading to establish the next national pillar in Western Europe – Asseco Austria.

The acquisition contract between Asseco Slovakia and UNiQUARE Software Development was signed on November 19, 2007. Asseco Group acquired, through Asseco Slovakia, 60% of shares of UNiQUARE, the remaining 40% stays in the ownership of former shareholders. The transaction is the subject to approval by the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic.

UNiQUARE Software Development focuses on development of software solutions for banks and financial institutions. Its front-end software solutions for CRM are the base of the product portfolio of the company. The company delivers its solutions to countries of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

„After the successful creation and completion of a new strong Czech pillar – Asseco Czech Republic we have set another ambitious target among us – to create Asseco Austria. Asseco Group is a strategic investor for UNiQUARE and wants to participate on its long-term development as well as on the creation of a strong and stable company, which should become the base for the already mentioned new pillar of ASSECO Group – Asseco Austria.

The product portfolio of UNiQUARE ideally complements the banking solutions of ASSECO Group. Therefore, the acquisition of UNiQUARE should help us to succeed on the Western markets with our solutions“, stated Jozef Klein, representative of Asseco Group, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Asseco Slovakia, a.s.

Dietmar Schwarzenbacher, Managing Director of UNiQUARE Software Development ads: “Size and global presence are essential in order to place good software products on a wide market.
UNiQUARE’s entrance to Asseco-Group opens important synergies. The products of both parties complement each other perfectly; the market areas and customer segments open additional business opportunities. Benefits will mainly affect our customers. The product-portfolio will be completed and we now have the possibility of offering local support in much more countries.

New markets for products and solutions of ASSECO Group members are being open by the expansion of the group to new countries. On the other hand, capital growth of the group, which was very dynamic in the first 9 months of 2007, is of a great importance.

One of the most important goals of Asseco Group for the upcoming period is the merger of Asseco Poland with the Polish giant PROKOM SOFTWARE. Asseco Group should thus become the biggest IT company in the CEE region and will be heading to enter the rank of TOP 10 IT companies in Europe. The group capitalisation should rise to PLN 6 mld., number of employees of the whole group should increase to 7500.

After the merger with PROKOM, the main goal of Asseco Group is to achieve consolidated net profit in the amount of EUR 65 mil. in 2008.

Asseco Group is present in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Rumania, Lithuania and Germany and since Monday, November 19th, 2007 also in Austria.  In 2008, companies from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and USA should enter the Group.

Source: Prokom

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