Asseco Poland Merged with Prokom Software to Become One of the Largest IT Companies in Europe

The merger of Asseco Poland and Prokom Software announced since September 2007 has now become fact. The District Court in Rzeszow registered the companies’ merger on 1 April 2008. The combined Company shall operate under the name of Asseco Poland SA and shall be headquartered in the city of Rzeszow. The first quotation of the merged companies’ shares will take place within the next 14 days.

„Following the merger Asseco Poland belongs to the largest European IT companies in terms of market capitalisation. Apart from Poland, the Asseco Poland Group conducts operations in such countries as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Croatia and Romania. I do believe the merger between Asseco Poland SA and Prokom Software SA will bring measurable benefits to our Shareholders, Investors, Clients, Partners as well as to the Employees of both the companies, whereas the Management Board of Asseco Poland SA will derive a lot of satisfaction from running one of the largest information technology companies in Europe,” says Adam Goral, President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.

The essential objective of the merger is to establish one of the strongest IT companies in Europe. The merger will make it possible to integrate the Polish leading information technology resources, develop an organized market offer framework, as well as to eliminate the areas of potential mutual competition. By combining their business potential the companies will gain a competitive edge both on the domestic and international arena and will be able to improve the quality of products and services offered. The concentration of capital resulting from the merger will enable the Company to continue its dynamic expansion in international markets.

Following the merger with Prokom Software SA, the Management Board of Asseco Poland SA is composed of eleven persons. President of the Management Board is Adam Goral – the existing President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland. Members of the Management Board of Asseco Poland are: Przemyslaw Borzestowski, Tadeusz Dyrga, Piotr Jelenski, Krzysztof Kardas, Marek Panek, Zbigniew Pomianek, Adam Rusinek, Wlodzimierz Serwinski, Przemyslaw Seczkowski, and Robert Smulkowski.

Source: Prokom

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