Asseco SEE Team Implementing Projects in Society Generale Bank in Albania

Asseco SEE Team Implementing Projects in Society Generale Bank in Albania

Asseco SEE, a leading company producing banking software and IT services in South Eastern Europe, and Societe Generale bank in Albania are successfuly implementating projects for document management system. The project is based on customization and implementation of Asseco SEE’s solution ASEBA Business Proecss Suite (ASEBA BPS), developed on EMC’s Documentum platform, which enables increasing the efficiency in banking processes.

What makes this project interesting and special is that it is joint effort from four offices from the SEE region, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo.

The main goal that ASEBA BPS achieves through implementation of Business Process Management is to set the new standard to manage banking procedures. ASEBA BPS sets the new standard for rapidly building new procedures by providing a single composition platform that combines a fully integrated set of technologies along with development and deployment tooling, best practices, and a design emphasis on configuration versus coding.

ASEBA BPS brings many user benefits and some of the main ones are:

  •     Automation  of  bank’s  business  procedures  with  full integration with the banking information system
  •     Centralization of storing and archiving of structured and unstructured information
  •     Increase in working efficiency, reduction of operational costs and integration of resources, information, work processes and documents from any location in a unique documentation system on the level of the business system of the Bank

Beside this, implementation of ASEBA BPS provides organizational advantages as well, such as:

  •     The possibility of KPI monitoring
  •     The possibility of easy reporting
  •     Simple determination of bottlenecks in processes and its elimination
  •     Current document flow process improvement

After implementation of these projects which is expected in Q4 2012, the bank expects to have an increase in task efficiency, a quicker and easier access to data as well as a better control and monitoring processes. ASEBA BPS, is in process of international certification by the EMC company, and already implemented in 5 banks in the region.

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