ASSIST Software Teams Up with the Champion Andrei Gafita

ASSIST Software Teams Up with the Champion Andrei Gafita

ASSIST Software officially announced the partnership between ASSIST Software and Andrei Gafita, a 22-year-old Romanian race walking national champion from Suceava. He has been race walking for 11 years and he has competed in renowned events, such as the World Championships, the European Championships, the Francophone Games, and the list goes on.

He has had a lot of success in competitions in Romania and abroad. In fact, he has won 21 gold medals in national competitions and another three gold medals in international competitions. Also, he has held the national record for the 10-kilometer race walk since 2015.

For ASSIST Software, it is always a pleasure and honor to support talented young individuals who dare to dream big. And Andrei Gafita definitely dreams big, being one of the most enthusiastic, hard-working and determined athletes we had the chance to meet. Assist Software was inspired by his story, so the company decided to offer him a monthly excellence scholarship and support him in his future race walking competitions.

The company culture is driven by its employees’ needs and desires. Therefore, its employees are always encouraged to find a healthy work-life balance. Physical activity is a vital part of this work-life balance, so the company promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourage its employees to play sports or do some form of exercise regularly.

Assist software partners with Andrei Gafita

For example, many of ASSIST Software employees go to the gym or take part in activities such as football, basketball, tennis, cycling, swimming, running, hiking, etc. One of our most popular clubs is the ASSIST Biking Club, which gathers together the most passionate cyclists the company has. One of Assist most important core principles is a continuous improvement for its employees as well as for the community.

ASSIST Software seriously takes on the responsibility of coaching people into learning skills they never had the chance to learn before, attaining a comprehensive set of healthy moral principles and healthy routines that would allow them to continuously self-improve and becoming truly strong well-rounded individuals that can have a significant impact in the community.

This is why ASSIST Software partnership with Andrei Gafita is so much more than a simple collaboration. He inspires the team and is a role model to many because of his hard work, determination, and patience.

Source: ASSIST Software


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