ASSIST Software Attended Codecamp Suceava

ASSIST Software Attended Codecamp Suceava

Starting from 2017, when ASSIST Software attended for the first time Codecamp Piatra Neamț event, the company has been developing a strong partnership with Codecamp Romania.

Codecamp is one of the most important IT conferences in Romania bringing together speakers, job opportunities and a large variety of thematic conferences, but nevertheless, Codecamp represents far much more things than that.

Codecamp events are representing a chance and equally, a proof that everybody is special and deserves to have the opportunity to develop themselves at a free charge, high-quality conferences.

The event day Codecamp Romania always surprised us with their dedication and diligence of organizing wonderful events. Therefore the Codecamp event, which took place last Saturday on the 20th of October, at Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava, was a success.

The event hosted dozens of IT professionals, software industry veterans, lots of willing college students, high school students and even technology enthusiasts who wanted to learn more interesting information about the IT field.

Throughout the whole event, ASSIST Software was filled with a positive vibe. Moreover, due to this event, the company met great, talented people eager to change words about technology.
Even high school students came to the ASSIST stand to learn more about ASSIST internships and career opportunities.

Assist Software at Codecamp Suceava

ASSIST Speakers

Out of fifteen speakers present at Codecamp Suceava, four of them represented ASSIST Software.

  • Ioana Ianovici – Software developer, and Petru Cioată – Web developer, which sustained an interesting presentation about the history of Artificial Intelligence and its types nowadays;
  • Iulan Tudosa – Game developer, who explained to his audience, how to create in eight easy steps a game for beginners;
  • Alexandru Creanga – Ruby on Rails developer, who sustained an innovative presentation about the Bluetooth profiles with Android.

Raffles and prizes

The event wouldn’t have been so great without raffles and prizes. Therefore, for this event, ASSIST Software organized three separate raffle extractions consisting in an ASSIST bag filled with goodies, which took place at the end of each presentation sustained by one of the ASSIST employees. The company also offered a bigger prize, an Xbox One S1TB for the Final Ceremony.

Source: ASSIST Software


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