ATIC board members meet MTIC representatives

ATIC board members meet MTIC representatives

Representatives of the board of the National Association of Private ICT Companies have met with the deputy minister of Information and Communication Technologies Dona Scola.

The topics of the discussion represented the most important issues in terms of the development of the ICT sector according to the WHITE BOOK and the ICT strategy: fiscal policy interventions and the support from the side of the government, the newly launched e-governance center, common efforts for a series of events such as the summits, conferences and capacity building trainings, universal service.

The following representatives of the companies participated at the meeting: Microsoft, Fors- Computer, NetInfo, Deeplace, Infosistem Project, Endava, Moldcell, Softprom, Maxlinie-MCS.

As a result of the meeting, Mrs. Scola presented the ministry’s point of view towards the fiscal policy interventions and clear actions that will be undertaken.

Both parties agreed upon  regular meetings of this kind.

Source: ATIC

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