ATOMTEX Thanks IBA for All-round Automation

ATOMTEX Thanks IBA for All-round Automation

IBA received a reference from ATOMTEX on successfully completed all-round enterprise automation based on “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8”.

ATOMTEX required a new up-to-date information system capable of automating management and accounting and of creating a single information space for development, production and inventory of output products.

IBA experts conducted initial investigation, developed requirement specifications, carried out adjustment and refinement of the system customized to the specifics of the company, conducted user training, implemented data conversion, and provided strong support at the initial stage of the system’s operation.
The ATOMTEX management system automates the following business processes of the company:

Production records, prime cost calculation, and cost management

Warehouse, sales, and procurement management

Business and tax accounting

Human resources management and payroll.

As a result of the system’s implementation, 40 workplaces were automated.

The system connects the following departments:

Marketing department

Construction department

Production engineering office

Production department

Procurement and packaging department


Economic planning department

Accounting department

Human resources department

Production planning and maintenance department

Technical society bureau

ERP bureau.

During the project implementation, IBA ported the system to the new platform 1C:Enterprise 8.2 and expanded the system’s functionality. At present, IBA conducts beta testing of the module 1C:Enterprise 8. PDM Engineering Data Management. IBA refines the ERP system functionality and the business planning module customized to the company’s requirements.

In addition, IBA provides consulting and further development of the implemented subsystems.

In his letter, Valery Kozhemiakin, ATOMTEX Director, says: “As a result of the project, the company streamlined and formalized its most important business processes within a single database. Thanks to the system, all company’s departments can use common data. The company’s management gets improved analytics based on the ATOMTEX performance results. The company is able to carry out prompt analysis of financial and business operations, business plans, etc.

IBA provides fair observance of contractual obligations, demonstrates efficiency and excellence. It is so pleasant to work with experienced professionals who know the specifics of enterprise automation”.

Source: IBA Group
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