Augmented Reality Module For Product Demonstration Increases Sales By 30%

Augmented Reality Module For Product Demonstration Increases Sales By 30%

Softengi has developed the augmented reality module, increasing sales by 30% for one of the Ukrainian startups. Developed new module will allow sellers to interact with their target audience and thus increase brand awareness and product sales.

Such augmented reality module using a non-contact Kinect sensor game controller, designed to increase brand awareness and sales of products, will be presented for the first time at the Ukrainian market. However, it is already expected that the use of augmented reality technology in the field of trade will become a new word in the product promotion.

The non-contact Kinect sensor game controller was originally developed by Microsoft for the Xbox game console, and much later it was used for personal computers running Windows OS. The augmented reality module by Softengi allows a user to interact using Kinect without contact with the image through the body postures, capturing human movement at special points on the body, and thus carrying out a complete 3-dimensional recognition of body movements using the installed software.

According to the research of U.S. companies, consumers are more willing to buy a product after learning them using the augmented reality technology. Moreover, they are willing to pay more for it.

In the experiment, a toys advertisement was demonstrated to a group of 100 parents in a standard 2D video. The second group of 100 parents were showed a toy with augmented reality technology, where parents could interact directly with the product. At the end of each experiment the parents were asked to take a decision on the purchase and the amount they were willing to pay for a toy. It is significant that only 47% of the first group of parents were willing to buy the product. While among parents who received a demonstration using augmented reality, more than 74% gave their consent to the purchase of the goods shown and expressed their willingness to pay more for it than the parents of the first group (8 pounds vs. 5 pounds).

Sergii Solomaha, the Technical Leader of Mobile, 3D and Augmented Reality Development in Softengi: “Having such augmented reality module consisting of a screen and Kinect controller in a shop or a large shopping center, and the images of products or branded cartoon character, a company can easily create “wow” effect with the target audience, attract attention to the product and therefore increase sales.”

The psychological research of the power of touch confirms the results of the experiment by American companies – consumers are willing to pay more for a product if they have an affinity developed with it.

The augmented reality can affect various aspects of the sales process and developed module of augmented reality, in which your customers can interact in a playful way with a product or symbol of the company, will cover the development costs by 2 times faster than the creation of a standard advertisement.

Proven to be one of the most important aspects of the sales process, the affinity of the consumer with a product is formed at the moment of interaction or contact with it. Augmented reality allows sales professionals to give into the hands of consumer the virtual, interactive and enhanced version of the product, thereby creating an affinity with it and, consequently, increasing sales of the products.

About the Softengi:

Softengi Company provides IT outsourcing and has fifteen years of experience in this field. The company is the part of the Intecracy Group. The main areas of work are the development of software for foreign customers, establishment of development and operation centers, which cover the full cycle of the processes of the customer.

Source: Softengi

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