Baltic Amadeus, UAB Becomes a Partner of Software Manufacturer Oracle Gold

Responding to market changes, seeking to ensure high quality of services and to improve employee qualification, the information technology company Baltic Amadeus, UAB has signed a new partnership agreement with a software manufacturer Oracle and has become a partner of Oracle Gold.

This partnership will allow the company to sell Oracle products and to create new solutions based on this manufacturer’s technologies. The main business sector in which Baltic Amadeus, UAB specialises, includes financial services, banking and telecommunication sectors.

Technologies offered by a software manufacturer Oracle take a large part of this sector, therefore, the company seeking to ensure high quality of services has complemented its proposal portfolio with the solutions created on the basis of Oracle’s technologies “I am happy that our company has achieved the level of partnership with Oracle Gold, which gives access to the full portfolio of products offered by Oracle because the creation and development of our specialisation can be based on them.

Oracle technologies are widely used for data protection, processing and analysis in banking, financial and educational systems, this is why from now on we will be able to offer our clients an even broader portfolio of services we render. We are pleased to start collaboration with Oracle at the same time they launch a new partnership programme,” stated Viktoras Tonkich, the company President. For Baltic Amadeus, UAB this partnership agreement is another step up the ladder towards a greater experience, higher qualification of the specialists and a more solid evaluation by the partners.

According to V. Tonkich, the beginning of cooperation with the world’s pre-eminent specialist in its field of operations is for the company another step forward enabling it to offer new solutions to the market, which in these times is of the utmost importance.


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