Baltic Data Center is expanding its data centre used for the development of cloud computing services, 24 May, 2011

Baltic Data Center, a leader in data centre and information systems management in the Baltic States, is expanding one of its centres in Vilnius. This data centre, which applies KyotoCooling, a modern server cooling technology, is amongst Europe’s most ecological data centres and will be used for the development of cloud computing services.

TEO Group is going to invest LTL 2.2 million in this expansion, which uses up to 8 times less electricity for cooling than conventional data centres.

According to Saulius Markūnas, Director of Baltic Data Center, one of TEO Group companies, cloud computing (virtual resources) services are widely used by financial institutions and retailers. It is expected that Lithuania’s public sector will assess and start using this advantageous technology in the near future.

In the second half-year of 2010, KyotoCooling enabled Baltic Data Center to reduce electricity consumption at this data centre by 750,000 kWh. By employing this technology, the company also contributes to the European Union’s objective to cut power consumption at data centres 20% by 2020.

“KyotoCooling technology is unique due to the use of ‘free’ outside air to cool the servers. Cool air is fed by fans into a heat exchanger, which cools down at the same time lowering the server room temperature. This method enables Baltic Data Center to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 700 tons per year compared with a conventional data centre of the same size.

At the same time, KyotoCooling, as distinct from freon cooling systems which are still in wide use, reduces the electricity consumption for cooling as much as 8 times”, says Valdas Vrubliauskas, Director of Automation and Data Networks Solutions Department of Fima UAB, an intelligent engineering solutions company that has implemented and is currently expanding the data centre.

According to Valdas Vrubliauskas, Baltic Data Center was the third company in the world to implement the KyotoCooling data centre cooling system that was developed in the Netherlands. The first data centre employing this technology was implemented for Getronics, a Dutch telecommunications company, in 2007.

According to feedback provided by Getronics’ representatives, the system operated trouble-free during the 18 months of its use. Furthermore, the company admits that the application of the new technology has saved approximately 500,000 kWh of electricity (or about EUR 0.5 million), and has reduced the cooling system costs 20%. According to the company’s representatives, the system’s payback period is about three years.

At present nearly 25 KyotoCooling systems are being installed in data centres around the world.

About Baltic Data Center

Baltic Data Center is a leader in data centre and information systems management in the Baltic States. It belongs to TEO LT AB group of companies. The company manages five data centres meeting the highest security requirements, and is the first company of its kind in the Baltic States to have achieved ISO 27001, the Information Security Management Standard.

Services provided by Baltic Data Center are trusted and used by the largest Lithuanian and foreign companies. The continuously growing company focuses on ensuring continuity, security, cost savings, and competitiveness of their clients’ business.

About Fima UAB

FIMA UAB, a private company with American capital investment, is a leader of intelligent engineering solutions in Lithuania, providing telecommunications, security, automation, data centre, transport and energy solutions.

Fima UAB implements its intelligentl engineering systems in Lithuanian and foreign companies, as well as in government organisations. The company is constantly taking part in projects involving technological innovation and thus contributes to the engineering modernisation of Lithuania.

During nearly two decades of operation, Fima has already implemented several thousand projects of varying size and complexity in Lithuania and abroad. Of the 100 largest Lithuanian companies, more than half are clients of Fima.

The headquarters of Fima are located in Vilnius; it has branches in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Љiauliai as well as subsidiaries in Latvia and Belarus. Fima Service Center, the company‘s division, offers electronic engineering systems’ maintenance services round the clock.

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