Baltic Data Center will provide unified IT services in all Baltic States

Baltic Data Center will provide unified IT services in all Baltic States

Baltic Data Center, a leader in data centre and information systems management in the Baltic States, has signed cooperation agreements with companies in Latvia and Estonia and from now on will provide the unified services for the development of data centers and information systems, and for the maintenance computer workplaces and infrastructures in the three Baltic States.

The new partners of Baltic Data Center in Latvia are Datakom and in Estonia – Elion, the telecommunications and IT service provider, which has recently merged with Microlink, one of the country’s largest IT companies.

In providing services to its customers, the company will apply the same performance standards and will maintain the same high quality of service. Unified service delivery processes will enable providing services of better quality and cheaper than buying them in each country from different service providers.

It is planned that over the next three years, the joint services of Baltic Data Center, Datakom and Elion in all Baltic States will be used by more than 10 international companies – finance, retail and other businesses.

According to Saulius Markūnas, Director of Baltic Data Center, a company belonging to TEO Group, many large international companies are still developing their regional IT departments – recruiting specialists and purchasing equipment.

“Unified services will encourage them to choose more efficient IT outsourcing solutions. Services will be particularly attractive to companies with an office in one of the capitals, as well as to those expanding their activities from one Baltic country to others”, – S. Markūnas said.

Baltic Data Center, together with its partners, currently provides IT Service Desk services to the following three companies of the Carlsberg Group: Љvyturys-Utenos Alus in Lithuania, Aldaris in Latvia and Saku in Estonia.

According to the data of the market research company EITO, the IT outsourcing market in the Baltic States this year will be approximately EUR 44 million (LTL 152 million). These services are used the most in Estonia (EUR 17 million), in Lithuania this market is EUR 15 million, while in Latvia – EUR 11 million. Since 2007, the revenues of companies from these services in the three countries have increased by a quarter.


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