Belarusian Railway Thanks IBA for Accounting Automation

IBA received a reference from Belarusian Railway on successful implementation of the subsystem “Typical Accounting” (TA) based on SAP ERP.

Implementation of the subsystem at Belarusian Railway (BR) allowed for:

  • Keeping statutory and tax accounting in an integrated system
  • Unified accounting
  • Making the accounting transparent for BR management
  • Receiving reliable information necessary for management decision making
  • Standardizing user operations
  • Providing unified normative and reference information

In the reference, Vera Tarasova, Head of Accounting and Methodology Department, says: “Within the project, IBA prepared a profound specification list of primary documents, implemented an efficient operation reporting system including intra-organizational accounting reports. IBA developed a multi-purpose program that generates accounting reports, a number of tax reports, and branch balance sheet supplements.”

“To date, the functionality of the system was replicated at 26 enterprises of Belarusian Railway with their subsequent launch into commercial operation. Twenty-one of these replicas were put into commercial operation jointly with the subsystem “Human Resources” – adds Valeriy Shubadyorov, Vice President of Belarusian Railway.

In the reference, the Belarusian Railway officials thank IBA for successful cooperation and express the hope to develop their relationship in future.

Source: IBA

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