Beltamozhservice Thanks IBA

Beltamozhservice Thanks IBA

IBA received a reference on successful implementation of the project for the transport and logistics center Beltamozhservice.

IBA developed and implemented the automated management system based on the ERP II Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution developed by IBA allows for registering intra-depot operations within the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. The system is based on electronic data interchange (EDI) and provides electronic management of customs, temporary, and public warehouses. The system executes operations using mobile data collection terminals (DCTs) via WiFi and controls operation performance online.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics AX is integrated with the following equipment:

  • Information terminals to register vehicles and to print valid passes that include parking lots plan and transport vehicle placement
  • Automatic gates to manage entry and departure of transport vehicles
  • Barcode label printer.

The system guarantees reliable functioning of goods flow processes at the temporary and public warehouses, and reduces operation time. While executing the kitting-up processes, the system manages personnel routes and generates tasks for warehouse personnel, namely time and responsibility of order execution, placement of goods, and succession of orders implementation. Using barcode technology for the warehouse and nomenclature objects, the system provides high automation level for storage operations.

In addition, the billing function of the system allows for automated calculation of the storage cost considering current load of boxes or storage stands. Using this function, the system automatically calculates the cost of services rendered to the cargo owners.

In his letter of thanks, Alexander Avdeev, Director of the Minsk branch of Beltamozhservice, underscores that the IBA team demonstrated complete professionalism, high level of commitment and goodwill during the implementation of the project.

Source: IBA

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