Best Employers Study 2009-2010 – Softec is 2nd in the ICT Segment Rank

Best Employers Study 2009-2010 – Softec is 2nd in the ICT Segment Rank

Recently results of “Best Employers Slovakia 2009/2010“ were announced ceremonially. The survey Employee engagement surveywithin which the rank of best employers in Slovakia is compiled, is organized yearly by Hewitt Associates, an HR consulting and outsourcing firm.

Number of registered companies increased in comparison to previous years. SOFTECwas assessed to be the 14th best employer in Slovakia among 43 companies from various industry areas – from information technology through pharmaceutics, finances, production to logistics. Having keen competition in ICT segment (Information and Communication Technology) SOFTEC ranked second, the first place won Microsoft Slovakia that ranked third in global results.

Softec participates in the Employee engagement survey regularly, in 2007 it ranked 12th and in 2005 4th.

According to the Best Employers Study the percentage of engaged employees shows downward trend also in this year and in comparison to the period before crisis, in which the motivation stayed about 52% in long term period, the number of engaged employees decreased globally to 47% in Slovakia.

Softec is the leader company of the Softec Group which has currently 200 its own employees with a growing trend. For recruitment it applies standard recruitment channels and various standardized selection methods. In addition to qualification the special importance is given to the ability of integration in solution teams of the company in order to confirm the probability of their long-lasting successful working in demanding IT projects. The result is stability of the team that helps to ensure improvement and stabilization of company’s know-how for the future.

Source: Softec

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