BPO – Beyond Geographical Barriers

Business process outsourcing, popularly known as BPO, is an outsourcing service/solution provider to the third-party concerning the operations and responsibilities for specific business functions. An unprecedented growth in the industry from the past few years has brought about maximum development in the social and economic sectors of the Indian economy. The country is gradually surfacing as the strongest IT-enabled contender in the world. Certainly, BPO industry has contributed its cent percent where this phenomenal growth is concerned.

Initially, the BPO India division was limited only towards outsourcing processes such as payrolls. But with changing times and innumerable reasons, it grew its network and included employee benefits management and other functions which are otherwise considered as “non-core” to the primary business strategy. BPO industry is now smoothly outsourcing financial and administration (F&A) processes, human resources (HR) functions, call center and customer care activities, accounting and payroll.

Many organizations have joined the race after witnessing the mammoth success of the call center industry. In the contemporary context, BPO has emerged as a preferred outsourcing service provider with knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and legal service provider (LPO) as the important sub-segments.

The steady growth in the BPO industry has led many organizations to outsource the financial and administration processes such as human resources (HR), call center and customer care, accounting and payroll. With the BPO basically divided into two types as back office and front office outsourcing…it is clear that the role of a call center is quite multifaceted. While payroll, billing, logistics and human resources fall under the back office category…technical support, customer service, marketing and advertising are listed under the front office segment. Some companies also offer their services in credit analysis and job recruitment. In fact, some of the leading organizations have also begun to outsource insurance claims.

He foreign call center has become one of the most reviled aspects of BPO, with many located in different parts of the world. Where most companies once touted their customer service as something they took pride in, many customers find themselves having to explain their problems to someone has little vested interest in the company. Outsourcing or “off shoring” customer service to countries such as India saves the company a lot of money and improves their bottom line. Some of the biggest complaints customers have with foreign call centers are heavy accents and obvious scripting.

It has been noticed that there are many customers who can explain their problems only to those who have the capability to understand their situation without much clarification required. The biggest complaint which a customer generally has with foreign BPOs are its’ heavy accents and obvious scripting. This is the reason why that most of the outsourcing industries are now located in varied parts of the world, mainly the Sub-continent that has emerged as a solid competitor to the West. And India tops the chart! It has become the most favored choice for the BPO establishment as it helps save these companies a lot of their finances apart from offering services at lower costs. Besides, the India is the “in” thing because of its availability of well-educated labor at low cost – making it thus an indispensable destination! After all, it is considered as one of the most secure, reliable and cost effective customer care service provider.

Due to great technical manpower that provides 24×7 quality, technical and customer support service, the Indian BPO market is growing extensively. With changing times, the firms have become more demanding involving less risky options for applications that are mission centric keeping cost into consideration. Outsourcing has emerged from a niche technology management tool to a mainstream strategic weapon causing organizational excellence, branding and customer relationship. Slowly but steadily, BPO is rising as a powerful and flexible approach to achieve a wide range of tactical and strategic aims.

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