The biggest contract in the EXATEL history – the Emergency Number 112

EXATEL will provide the part of telecommunication lines as a part of the government Project of the National IT Network construction of Emergency Number 112 service, which is realized by ATM. On 13th May, 2010 EXATEL and ATM have signed the agreement on that issue – of the total amount 71 780 092,00 PLN net.

„This is the real success for several reasons. This the biggest contract for EXATEL history and will be reflected in the company`s revenues and results in the next few years. Moreover, this is the proof of the great confidence in the market, which has been achieved by EXATEL. The project refers to the very important area for Poland, with a view to improving the safety of all citizens. – said Piotr Bledzinski, Vice-President of the EXATEL Management Board of Marketing & Sales. He also explained, that telecommunication lines are the major part of the telecommunication platform construction, which realizes receiving emergency call for 112 other emergency numbers.

„To realize OST 112 project we decide to cooperate with major telecom operators, who are capable to provide lines for the entire country. ATM is responsible for the all project construction, implementation and network maintenance for the emergency number. “We conceive EXATEL as a solid and reliable partner, therefore the partnership guarantees quality and timeliness of project implementation” – said Roman Szwed, President of ATM Management Board.

“The contract with ATM has been concluded for the period up to December 2013. In accordance with the contract, EXATEL is required to provide large data rate links. One of them is planned to be put into service this year” – said Alexander Biernacki, Director of the Department of Public Administration EXATEL SA. He emphasized that EXATEL has experience in handling government sector. “Our services are delivered to the most units of public administration including Ministry of National Defense, Police, Ministry of Justice, and Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture” – he added.

The Emergency Number 112 service for the National IT Network is related to the implementation of EU recommendations from the Directive 2002/22/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, dated 7th March 2002. The overall OST 112 project is aimed to improve the quality of the interaction for the following organizational units:  Police, State Fire Service and State Emergency Medicine, in handling requests for emergency numbers services. The project enable the efficient tasks implementation related to rescue and providing public safety.

Source: EXATEL

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