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Crisis. We all remember well how hard it was. Many of us miss the true professionals they have lost because of it. Now they are working for competitors and our business lacks hands and brains to make the breakthrough. Now is the most appropriate time to catch up and compensate for these years of careful waiting and watching the situation. Now is the time to grow. And those, who do it in the smartest and most effective way, will be the winners.

In such a situation companies start to look at some alternatives, unusual ways to organize business processes, and to optimize usual ones to be far ahead of the others in this race. The word outsourcing springs to memory to many of us. Remember how it was several years ago? IT boom, lack of hands and India as an IT superstar. Cheap, densely populated and English speaking. Who haven’t tried outsourcing to India? Only a lazy one.

Then things changed. Some were success and stayed with India, some were a big failure and tried to forget about outsourcing as if it was a nightmare. Some learned from the experience and decided to plan needs and places for their realization more carefully.

And here is where the Eastern Europe came into the game. The informed ones knew that these are the countries with great potential. A big lot of serious products were partially or wholly developed in Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe. Skype, Magento OS Commerce, Bitrix CMS, FineReader, ABBYY Lingvo, 3D Coat, Vkontakte, The Bat!, Kaspersky antivirus, Dr. Web,  Download Master, WinRAR, FAR Manager, nginx, AltLinux, RedHat Linux, such games as Stalker, Kazaki, Crysis, Heroes of Might and Magic 5 etc. – these are only a few, which come first into memory. Such companies as IBM, Dell, Oracle, Ubisoft, BigFish, YouSendIt, Kodak, Boeing have development teams in Ukraine, even such careful organizations as European biggest banks couldn’t resist the temptation (Deutshe, UBS etc.). Good education and IT background, ability to produce high level quality work results, similar mentality, geographical proximity, time zones, historically low turnover and high hospitality – these are only some of advantages of this area. No one will argue that Eastern Europe is not only a reasonably priced location, but also a place, where one can find smart creatively thinking diligent professionals, ready to make a valuable input to your business.

So the resources are there, you are here, what is lacking? A good organizer.

Binary Studio Ukraine is a software development company, founded in remote 2005, who started its business by building long-term dedicated teams in Delphi and then extended the services to .NET, PHP, Java, C++ and other technologies you need people on. We feel our mission is to be in the right place in the right time, providing highly talented Ukrainian software developers with workplaces and exciting projects western companies are known for, and at the same time providing western companies with the talented developers their businesses lack to become truly a breakthrough.

We are well prepared. More than 5 years’ experience of creating and managing IT dedicated teams, good knowledge of psychology of software developers, methodologies and ways to do things right, high awareness and deep knowledge of risks and potential problems. Add here flexibility, customer orientation, low turnover, focus on communication and direct close contact between your local people and your Ukrainian team, honesty and good reputation – and you’ll get the company, about which some say:
- We finally found a great partner to pursue our projects.
- Binary Studio provided us with motivated and capable software developers. We are aiming for a long-term cooperation.
- Binary Studio helps us getting better for our customers. This cooperation has potential.
- I am satisfied with results of cooperation with BSS, their quick responses and commitment to delivering by agreed dates and we look forward to continuing this for the foreseeable future.
- Owing to cooperation with BSS we were able to concentrate as much as possible on work with clients – research of the market and discovering of users needs. Development model that we selected, consisting in delegation of development to outsourcing firm, proved itself well enough.

These are the successful companies, already running efficient teams here, getting the competitive advantage, so important in these post-crisis days. What about you?

Binary Studio is a software development company, founded in 2005 in Donetsk, Ukraine, with representative offices in Prague, Check Republic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and London, UK. We focus on providing software outsourcing (offshore and nearshore) services, building long-term dedicated teams for companies operating in EU, USA and Australian markets. Our main specialization is .NET and other MS technologies (WPF, MVC, WCF, WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight), PHP, Java, Delphi and C++. Teams on other technologies can also be built on demand.

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