Blue Bridge introduces Bridge2Cloud cloud computing services for business

Blue Bridge is the first company in Lithuania to provide services based on cloud computing technology from its modern data centre.  Cloud computing type of services gives companies an opportunity to avoid investments into their own IT infrastructure and instead use IT as a service.

Market has been looking for an opportunity to get IT as a service, for a long time. Staying in tune with a market needs we are the first ones to adapt new technologies and introduces cloud computing services in Lithuania.

‘Cloud type computing services,  open opportunities for companies, to purchase IT infrastructure, platform or software as a service. Comparing to airlines industry, when you need to fly to a particular destination you don’t need to acquire plane, one ticket is enough. So far in IT industry if company needed IT system to perform particular tasks, it needed to purchase hardware and software to perform those tasks’, Dalius Butkus, sales and marketing director of Blue Bridge, said.

Dynamic IT services enable companies to get rid of their own infrastructure, pay only for what they actually use at a given moment, and manage IT resources capacity according to their changing needs instantly.  Those type of services give companies ultimate flexibility, speed and efficiency.  ‘We provide businesses with the opportunity to order services based on their specific needs.  Our goal is to provide market with service that give our clients maximum flexibility and speed.  Therefore we have adopted a new billing model with the minimal service usage time of one hour’, Mr Butkus said.

Blue Bridge bridge2cloud dynamic IT services are provided from the company’s modern data centre, which complies with all security and high availability requirements. Furthermore, the entire infrastructure of the data centre is housed in a certified capsule with 100 percent protection from water and resistance to temperatures as high as one thousand degrees Celsius.

‘All IT solutions for the clients of our data centre are created and provided using a virtual infrastructure. This allows us to develop and manage infrastructure capacities, which means that companies do not incur costs due to unused or insufficient IT resources. This type of technology gives an opportunity to instantly implement IT solutions, sign flexible contracts, and promptly develop environments for the testing of solutions’, the Blue Bridge sales and marketing director said.

Source: Blue Bridge

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