Bosnia Agile Scrum Masterclass

Bosnia Agile Scrum Masterclass
Start: August 14, 2015
End: August 15, 2015
Address: Academy387 (Bosmal Tower 1, 4th floor), Milana Preloga 12, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegowina
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Bosnia Agile Scrum Masterclass is a two day training which provides a full insight in agile product development and concepts and practices defined by Scrum framework. Training is highly interactive and collaborative, delivered in format of lectures, group discussions, exercises, games and simulations in the classroom.

Following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to Agile principles
  • Scrum values and principles
  • Scrum practices
  • Scrum roles and their responsibilities 
  • Product Backlog and Release Planning
  • Sprint Backlog and Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum 
  • Burndown charts and reporting
  • Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective

The goal of this training is to provide comprehensive understanding of Scrum theory, backgrounds and motivation for Scrum practice, and explain mechanisms of its practical application in development projects, so that projects are implemented in time, within optimal budget and with customer satisfaction.

After this training, trainees will be able to more efficiently practice their role of Scrum Master, Product Owner or a Development team member.

Become a professional Scrum Master (PSM I)!

This training will present all knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pass Proffesional Scrum Master I certification exam.

Trainees who pass this exam will get their PSM I certificate which is a leading Scrum certificate in IT industry.

For whom this training is for?

This training is intended for anyone working with Scrum or intending to do so in near future. Training is especially interesting for:

  • Project managers,
  • Product managers,
  • Product owners,
  • Team leaders,
  • Developers,
  • Scrum Masters, and
  • other stakeholders in Scrum development.

Welcome to the training!



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