BOSS-Referent EDMS Changes Its Name

BOSS-Referent EDMS Changes Its Name

“Business Logics 2.0″ company (I.T. Group) announces entrance to the market of a new series of products for corporate content management “ECM Logics”. A significant part of products of this series was previously known under the umbrella brand “BOSS-Referent”.

“BOSS-Assistant” is one of the first domestic electronic document management systems which has been being developed from the beginning of the ninetieth. Currently, “BOSS-Referent” is implemented and operated by many business companies of different sizes, as well as by federal and regional authorities, including the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (the largest document management system in Russia – more than 120 thousand users), MTS (the largest corporate EDMS in Russia – more than 25 thousand users), Joint-Stock Financial Corporation “Sistema”, Rosneft, Tele2, Alfa-Bank and many others.

Constant development of the market, changing of the customers’ requirements and, as a consequence, evolution of the “BOSS-Referent” system resulted in the appearance of new mass-market products created on its basis. The majority of these products in which certain ECM (Enterprise Content Management) functionality is implemented have appeared only during the last several years. The former name of the system no longer reflected the whole wide functionality of the program solutions of this class, that is why it was decided to rename it.

The updated line of the products is named “ECM Logics” and currently includes five solutions:

“ECM Logics. EDMS” is the solution for electronic document management on the platforms IBM Collaboration Solution (Lotus Notes\Domino) and free software.

“ECM Logics. Financial Documents” is the solution for efficient management of financial document flow on the platform IBM FileNet.

“ECM Logics. Governmental Control” is the solution for free software 4J for the document flow automation in the government bodies, including integration with the state service systems. The solution was created for free software 4J, and there is a version for IBM Lotus Domino\Notes.

“ECM Logics. Mobile” is a universal iPad mobile client for EDMS which can work with the whole series of products created on different platforms.

“ECM Logics. Stamp” is a solution for secure document flow (electronic signature) on any platform, via any client, and with an opportunity to choose any encryption provider.

In the near future, the following solutions will be represented at the market:

“ECM Logics. Archive” is the system of electronic document management in a single storage. It ensures consolidation of electronic documents in a single storage, document life cycle management and provides convenient access to the documents in the storage using different criteria.

“ECM Logics. Contracts” is the contract activity management system. It ensures automation of the processes of work with contracts, accounting of contracts and the documents related to them.

Also it is planned to significantly expand the functionality of the box solution “ECM Logics. EDMS”. Such modules will be added to it as “Archive Storage” and “Citizen Application”.

“We are grateful to our customers and partners who have made a great contribution to the development of the product line for corporate content management for the last 15 years. It is they who are key drivers of our transformations”, said Maria Kamennova, General Director of “Business Logics 2.0″. “Requests of many customers will be taken into account in the new product line. But we will also offer our users new capabilities reflecting the main trends of technology development in the sphere of content management.”

“When we create new solutions, we also focus on Garner and IDC analytical reports”, comments Georgy Podbutsky, Director of ECM Practice in “Business Logics 2.0″. “The research “The Russian ECM Market 2012″ made by us together with IDC Russia showed that EDMS developed in Russia lacks the functionality required by the market which now we can offer in the product line “ECM Logics”. And western ECM systems do not meet the requirements of the Russian customers, and their improvement requires much time and funds.”

Technical support of the “BOSS-Referent” system will not be stopped. The customers will be able to make a smooth and convenient transfer to the new “ECM Logics” solutions.

Source: I.T.Co.IT

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