BPS-Sberbank Thanks IBA

BPS-Sberbank Thanks IBA

IBA received a letter of thanks from BPS-Sberbank for a pilot project on the implementation and adjustment of electronic document management system (EDMS) and electronic document archive (EDA). The project is based on Chancellor, the IBA proprietary software, and is implemented at the bank’s administrative department and 40 bank branches.

The implemented EDM system allowed for:

  • Creating a single documentation space to enable employees of central administrative office, regional front offices, and centers of banking services to access single document database
  • Providing online document search thus reducing request processing time
  • Document tracking from its creation or receipt to filing or archiving of the executed document. Improving the bank’s performance discipline.

In his letter, Alexander Shnek, Deputy Chairman of the BPS-Sberbank Board, says: “IBA performed the project on implementation of EDMS and EDA with high quality and within the schedule. BPS-Sberbank management expresses gratitude to IBA specialists for their highly professional approach in problem solution, their commitment, and responsibility in meeting all contract obligations. BPS-Sberbank looks forward to further cooperation.”

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