Bright at Technical University Career Forum 2014

Bright at Technical University Career Forum 2014

Bright Consulting is participating in this year’s career forum, organized by Technical University of Sofia.

All students with a passion in IT are welcome to engage with our team and discuss the opportunities for joining our growing team in Europe.

On the second day of the event, 22nd of October, Bright will deliver a presentation focused on what the transforming of IT means for the IT people. New technologies are changing the way companies operate at a fast pace. IT is becoming more complex, users more demanding.

How should IT people succeed in this new digital reality?During the presentation students with interest in IT can join Bright experts as we discuss the challenges in front of the people working in IT to meet these new demands and our vision for how IT should operate.

Students will have the chance to learn of ways to deal with the complexity IT brings, ways to simplify and automate processes, to streamline and integrate operations.

More information on the event can be found on its facebook page, where you can also reserve your spot.

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