BS/2 to Introduce the New Version of ATMeye.iQ Solution

BS/2 to Introduce the New Version of ATMeye.iQ Solution

BS/2 Company, specializing in the development of the software solutions that are designed for banking and retail sector, introduces the latest version of software-hardware solution for ATMeye.iQ video security (version 1.1.2). ATMeye.iQ is a part of the product family for controlling and monitoring of business processes – .iQ, specially designed for the financial industry. The solution of the new ATMeye.iQ generation is intended to monitor suspicious transactions in self-service devices in the real time regime and ensure timely response to illegal acts. ATMeye.iQ provides with the possibility to search, to deliver and to process data in multi-vendor networks of self-service devices. The company specialists claim that the functional of the latest version (ATMeye.iQ version 1.1.2) has been significantly expanded.

“In the process of developing the latest version of the solution we took into regard a great number of requests from our customers”, told Mr. Kiril Degtiarenko, Head of the BS/2 Department of Information Technologies. The latest product version provides users with a more flexible and universal toolbar which enables to detect fraud or vandalism in self-service devices in the most efficient way, as well as to reduce the risks. It is noteworthy that the given solution meets the PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard, what undoubtedly is an indicator of quality and reliability”.

BS/2 specialists note that at the time of developing the latest version of the solution, special attention was given to an expeditious data flow control. Now it is possible to limit the quantity of simultaneous flows at the time of file downloading and archiving, also to form data packages from the set quantity of transferred / received events. ATMeye.iQ 1.1.2 enables to determine the server load in an optimal way depending on the needs and technical possibilities of different networks. In addition, improvement of the data archiving mechanism enables to save information in file servers, network drives and other external media, and to process them in a convenient way without cutting down the speed.

Aforementioned changes provide with the possibility to enhance server performance what ensures uninterrupted operation of the network consisting of over 2,000 terminals.

The generation of expanded reports suggested has great significance too. It enables to considerably reduce the time for analysis and decision-making.

Companies using the previous ATMeye.iQ version (version 1.1.1) may change over to the latest version with the help of the specially developed update package. The terminal part may be updated using an integrated mechanism of remote updates.

About BS/2

BS/2 Company, which belongs to the Penki Kontinentai group of companies, has been operational in the market of banking technologies for over 16 years. It specializes in the provision of outsourcing business services, supplies bank equipment, and offers the services of system integration and maintenance support. BS/2 international company is an exclusive partner of the Wincor Nixdorf Concern. Universal solutions and services of the company have been recognized and are accessible in over 65 countries of the world.

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