Bulgarian Web Awards 2010 chose the best web projects

Bulgarian Web Awards 2010 chose the best web projects eDesign became an “Author of the Year” with the most nominations and awards in different categories.

The winners in the categories of the competition were announced during the Official Award-Giving Ceremony, which took place on 24 June 2010 in Grand Hotel Bulgaria. All the evaluations of the Jury are public and they are published on the Competition’s web site webawards.bg.

Among the 52 winners in the Competition was a BASSCOM member company – Melon which won four first prizes in the following categories – “Production Industries”, “Science and Education”, “Leisure time“ and “Functional design”.

The winners were awarded with luxury diplomas by Bulgarian Web Association, the organizer of the Competition, and with many special awards by the sponsors and partners.

A special award was given by Easy Online for „Online marketing professionalism“. It was awarded to the media agency Media Direction and the company Beiersdorf Bulgaria for the brands NIVEA, NIVEA for MEN and Eucerin.

Microsoft Bulgaria gave a key for the Program Microsoft WebsiteSpark to all nominated in the Professional Web Awards, which correspond to the conditions of the program – Webcafe.bg, Identity, Rizn, User Media, Knoway, Firefly-Studios, Web Services, Interactive Share, AIP Solutions. The company awarded as well all winners in the categories of the Professional Web Awards with keyboard and book.

Adobe Systems awards eDesign – the Author of the Year with Adobe Creative Suite.

Information Services surprises the winners in the categories „Society and politics“ – Media Web Awards – Capital Newspaper, „Finances and insurance“ – Bulgarian-American Credit Bank and „Science and education“ – American University in Bulgaria, Branches Web Awards, with universal electronic signatures.

A reporting photo by Getty Images, the winner in the International photo competition World Press Photo received the winner in the category „News“, Media Web Awards – Bulgarian National Radio. The company gave as well a one-month subscription to creative photography by Micro-stock site of Getty Images – Thinkstock to the winner in the category „Graphic content“, Professional Web Awards – Advertizing Agency KRES.

“Stenata” shops gave a rucksack Deuter Giga Office Pro to the winner in the category „Esthetic design“q Professional Web Awards – eDesign for the site Oldschool and rucksack Deuter Giga Flat to the winner in the category „Sport and health“, Media Web Awards – Health portal Puls.bg.

Subscription to the .net Magazine received the winners in the categories „Portfolio” and „Home page“, Professional Web Awards – Despark and Bulgarian National radio. Bulgarian National Radio was awarded with the same prize for its win in the category „Science, education and technologies“, Media Web Awards.

Golden sponsor is SuperHosting.BG, Silver sponsor is Microsoft Bulgaria, Bronze sponsor is Information Services PLC and Party Sponsor is Еasyads.bg.

Sponsors with material awards are: Adobe Systems, Guliver Photos and „Stenata” Shops.

Main media partners are: Media partners are: Nova TV, Darik Web, Economedia.

The Bulgarian Web Awards 2010 is organized with the support of:

BASSCOM, ICT Cluster, ASTEL, BAIT, BAA, BALII, AIESEC, Association of Trademark Owners in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Soft Drinks Association, BMG – Authorized distributor of the Adobe Systems for Bulgaria.

Media partners are: Darik Web, Economedia, PR Kernel, Kabinata.com, User Media, CGArt.bg, Calipers, Comfort.bg, tvtv.bg, SeeNews, eTimes, WebIT, .NET, ICT Media, Actualno.com, Need.Bg, Web&Events, Digitrace.bg, Dо BG, .net Magazine, Programata Media Group, bgmaps.com, Lukrat, Orjo.com, ICT Media, Azcheta.com, Billboard JSC, Calls.bg, versia.bg.


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