Bulpros at Career Days, IT/Telecommunications/BPO

Bulpros at Career Days, IT/Telecommunications/BPO

Bulpros will participate in Career Days, IT/Telecommunications/BPO on Thursday, 11th October 2012. The career event will take place in Interpred, WTC Sofia”, hall “Sofia”.

Bulpros representatives will provide information about open positions within the company and career development opportunities. At Bulpros we believe that people are the real value and a critical factor for achieving synergy and success. For that reason the company strongly supports open ideas and encourages the team to maintain innovative way of thinking and passion in work. Our priority is to foster a trusting and open work environment, where people create and are passionate about it.  If you are looking for such atmosphere and work in the IT/BPO sector, you are at the right place.

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