BULPROS, IBM and NDB with Joint Event on API Economy and Open Banking

BULPROS, IBM and NDB with Joint Event on API Economy and Open Banking

BULPROS in partnership with IBM and NDB organized a joint event on API Economy and Open Banking called “Leverage the Next Wave of API Economy and Open Banking”. It was hosted by BULPROS in the company’s new technology towers in Business Park Sofia.

The event gathered experts and partners from banks and telecommunication companies, who had the chance to learn more about the most innovative technologies and current trends on the market. The main topics of discussion were technologies such as the Cloud and AI as well as industry trends such as Open Banking and the way all these are enabling the transformation of traditional business models into digital platforms.

Radoy Stoyanov, Business Development Manager, Industry Digitalization at BULPROS, put the focus on the idea of Bank as a Platform (BAAP) as a new business model that is expected to become more and more popular in the future. He presented different scenarios of innovative services that banks can offer to their end customers using a partner ecosystem. Radoy also talked about the different challenges that banks are facing today such as legacy technology stack, regulatory pressure, long time to market, and organizational culture.

Hristo Melnikliyski, Business Development Manager at BORICA, together with Radoy Stoyanov presented the PSD2 XS2A Framework – a joint project by BULPROS and BORICA that is aimed at supporting banks during the PSD2 adoption and helping them fulfill the regulatory technical standards.


During the second presentation, Alexander Madzhirov, Integration & Development at IBM Europe spoke about the need for modern integration capabilities. He presented IBM’s modern integration platform and gave several client’s success story examples.

Pavel Yosifov, Business Development Manager, Cloud and Support at BULPROS, put the focus on the Hybrid Cloud with his presentation “Embrace the Hybrid Cloud, Microservice architecture and unleash the power of Kubernetes with Cloud Private”. He discussed current market trends and real client case studies, sharing his opinion that Multi-cloud is the key to organizational agility.

During the second part of the event, Dimitar Dimitrov, Senior Consultant, Financial Services at BULPROS, and Ivo Penev, Software IT Architect, IBM Sales & Distribution, Software Sales talked about customer experience and security focusing on the IBM Safer Payments and drawing the attention to the need for safer customer experience and digital consent management as topics of great importance and challenge to banks.

In the final presentation, Emil Galabov, Business Development Manager, Digital Workspace at BULPROS, discussed the main challenges of launching cognitive value-added services such as voice bots based on IBM Watson and also presented the great opportunities that they offer. Emil demonstrated several scenarios, showing how Banks and Telecoms can benefit from using voice bots and how this innovative service can create added value for their customers.


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