BULPROS is Proud to Announce its New Infrastructure Transformation Offering and Extended CLOUD Capabilities

BULPROS is Proud to Announce its New Infrastructure Transformation Offering and Extended CLOUD Capabilities

In October 2017, BULPROS announced its new offering Infrastructure Transformation which includes cloud and infrastructure solutions to support companies with their Digital Transformation. The company is proud to present its new BULPROS Cloud platform, which is completely designed and built by the company’s professional experts. It is a revolutionary cloud platform, based on the best-in-class solutions of leading industry vendors – Microsoft and Cisco, and the technology expertise of the Cloud team.

“Cloud is transforming the business and the IT operations bringing them to the next level. That is why Cloud is a major part of our new Infrastructure Transformation offering which is aimed at helping companies to embrace new opportunities through innovation. During the past years, our Cloud team gained deep knowledge and expertise and we are very proud to present our BULPROS Cloud Platform, built by them”

                                                                                                 said Ivaylo Slavov, CEO of BULPROS.

The extended cloud capabilities of the BULPROS professionals give its clients added value as they have the expertise to offer different solutions tailored to the client’s needs and requirements. BULPROS Cloud Platform provides products and services that can be leased as part of the Public Cloud Offering. Another option is getting the cloud built on a customer’s premises which is part of the Private Cloud Offering. BULPROS Cloud Platform is Cisco Certified. With its Cisco Powered certification, BULPROS has joined the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP), which means, the platform has met all serious and rigorous requirements from Cisco.

“As we have built deep Cloud expertise, we can offer our partners complete and flexible solutions to transform and improve their businesses and IT operations”

                                                                                  said Lyubomir Diamandiev, Cloud Manager.

As part of its strategy to provide customized solutions, BULPROS offers cloud in a box – an implementation of private cloud based on the client’s specific needs and requirements. It is a turnkey product for private cloud deployments with predefined sizes that are optimized for performance, cost efficiency, and rapid deployment. Beyond BULPROS’ extended Cloud Competence, it can provide Managed Cloud Services such as Enterprise Cloud Strategy, Cloud and Network management, etc.

BULPROS is not only developing its cloud platform, but it has gained deep expertise in Microsoft Azure. It combines elements from multiple cloud competencies, as well as the most efficient and innovative cloud technology tool and platform to help companies become more agile, more customer-focused and more operationally efficient. The BULPROS cloud experts have gained deep knowledge in Azure, Azure Pack, and Azure Stack. Azure Stack is the latest in the domain of emerging Hybrid Cloud technology. It combines the best from on-premise (Private Cloud) and Public Cloud as an integrated cloud service. Azure Stack was launched recently and BULPROS is one of the Microsoft partners which offers it to maximize the businesses efficiencies.

BULPROS group of companies also delivers end-to-end business solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management, bringing to the customers the latest systems on market – Microsoft Dynamics 365, as also Office 365, the ultimate solution for better business productivity.

BULPROS is not only extending its Cloud capabilities, but it is expanding its offering to the Asian market. The company recently announced its partnership with the Seoul and Beijing based cloud IT solutions company Bespin Global to provide enterprise-level cloud offering and services to mid-to-large enterprises. This partnership will help clients fully take advantage of the cloud and quickly discover the highest impact within their organization and business.


BULPROS group of companies is an innovative global IT and BPO services, solutions and product provider, which covers the complete range of the clients’ needs. Its offerings include Industry Digitalization, IT Security, Collaboration, Application Modernization, Infrastructure Transformation, Technology Services and Sales & Customer Services, with focus on Manufacturing, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services and Insurance.

BULPROS is one of the fastest growing technology companies, recognized by latest rankings from Deloitte “Technology Fast 50 in CE” and “Technology Fast 500 in Europe, Middle East, and Africa”, Inc. 5000 Europe, Financial Times 1000 Europe and others.

BULPROS group of companies operates on a global scale and has more than 14 offices, located in Europe and North America.

The BULPROS group of companies has established successful customer and partner relations with Fortune 500 IT companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Unisys, VMware, Siemens, T-Systems, SAP, Hortonworks, Oracle, Red Hat etc. BULPROS is a co-founder of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association and a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and the German Outsourcing Association.

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