Business Aligned I.T.: Empowering I.T. to Influence Business Outcomes

Business Aligned I.T.: Empowering I.T. to Influence Business Outcomes
Start: December 15, 2011 12:00 pm
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Pressure to increase sales and reduce costs has top-level decision-makers moving to integrate customer service and I.T. strategies into one seamless business objective. As I.T. Departments shift their focus from productivity improvements to delivering business innovations, it will extend its contribution to the company’s core business.

By discovering what impacts your business’ service levels, you can configure your I.T. strategies to not only support, but actually assume a leadership position in delivering against the needs of the business. HCL’s Business Aligned I.T. framework connects technology with business processes, and redefines service levels by reconfiguring the underlying applications and associated infrastructure components.

This webinar will demonstrate how HCL deploys its Business Aligned I.T. framework to discover, map, evaluate, and rationalize the I.T. landscape in order to achieve measurable business results.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to align the I.T. organization to influence business outcomes
  • How to develop information and insights that provide the business with a competitive advantage
  • How to leverage the “Next Generation” Managed Services framework to drive growth

Our Expert Speakers:

Vijay Balasubramanian, HCL America
Paul Pinto, Managing Partner, Sylvan Advisory

Our speakers will discuss how HCL’s Business Aligned I.T. Framework identifies a set of desired business outcomes, using clear definitions designed to measure effectiveness, and visual management tools, that enable decision-makers to chart a direct path towards sustained growth. Take advantage of our free webinar to learn how you can successfully apply these techniques in your organization.


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