IDC Big Data and Business Analytics Forum 2014

IDC Big Data and Business Analytics Forum 2014
Start: November 13, 2014
Address: Moscow, Russian Federation
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Last year was a landmark year for big data in Russia. Quite a few projects clearly demonstrated that big data implies more than just technologies.

It showed us new ways of interacting with customers, monitoring patients’ health, providing physical and IT security, teaching students, surveying for natural resources, organizing logistics, planning sales and more. Big data started slowly gaining ground in our day-to-day lives.

In 2013, the global market for big data analytics solutions and services exceeded $100 billion.

Vendors actively expanded their portfolios by complementing their traditional business analytics tools with new technologies that can process large volumes of multi-structured data in real time. Case studies show that this incremental approach of adding big data value to existing analytics practices works well.

IDC Big Data and Business Analytics Forum offers you a snapshot of vendor offers in the big data space and the competitive advantages that can be gained through a greater use of big data technologies in various industries.

The forum is a place for IT-savvy leaders to engage into a discussion on several important questions:

Does my organization really need to implement big data technologies?

How can one derive value from the investments already made into business analytics when dealing with big data?

How can big data analytics contribute to my day-to-day operations and growth?


Key topics:

  • Global trends in big data and business analytics;
  • Streaming analytics from multiple sources. What does one need real-time analytics for?;
  • Next-generation data warehouses;
  • Data sources and data quality: a new dimension of the old problem;
  • Big data appliances;
  • Cloud as a platform for working with big data;
  • Big data and security;
  • In-depth analysis and predictive analytics;
  • Start-ups as drivers of big data adoption;
  • Data scientist, a job from/for the near future.



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