Businesses wise to turn to IT outsourcing, experts say

IT outsourcing is an increasingly smart choice for businesses, according to two industry experts.

Writing for the Accenture blog, Gerardo Canta and Rob Rich claimed that IT support services can prove invaluable as network data consumption continues to “skyrocket” globally.

They noted that communications providers are under “tremendous pressure” to increase capacity and manage costs, while delivering high-quality customer service.

One way of achieving their goals is to outsource key network functions to specialist IT providers, the writers stated, as they claimed this can help reduce expenditure by up to 40 per cent.

“As the technology environment changes at an accelerated pace and time-to-market gets more squeezed, relying solely on internal skills could become a risky business indeed,” they said.

“At the very least, providers would be wise to more deeply understand the potential benefits they might derive from the strategic use of network outsourcing, so they can make an informed decision that serves their business and their customers well.”

Source: ihotdesk

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