CeBIT 2013, 5 to 9 March. End-of-show report

CeBIT 2013, 5 to 9 March. End-of-show report

CeBIT, the world’s biggest annual  and the most international high-tech trade fair, was officially opened in Hanover by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk , whose country is this year’s partner at the event.

In 2013, CeBIT’s keynote theme is “Shareconomy,” a growing trend, which describes the societal shift from owning to sharing not only digital data on the Internet, but also organization of sharing models for material products. Thereby, outsourcing as one of the most powerful trends in modern economy becomes more and more commercially important.

Participating in CeBIT, INP-Software showcased its credibility as a reliable outsourcing services partner, confirming that “Shareconomy” had always been one of the core values of the company. We are already embedding social business tools in our core processes as the basis for more intensive communication and knowledge transfer  within  different networks.

This year INP-Software joined the representatives of the world IT industry at the SIPPO stand. SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandate of SECO within the framework of its economic development cooperation. It is carried out by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency. The members of Osec association have shown high standards of professionalism in providing the best services, adding  tremendous value to our business.

Given the importance of this prestigious event, we took the opportunity to present a wide range of our software development services and meet not only our loyal partners but also a lot of prospective customers, interested in further cooperation. It was also an immense opportunity for INP-Software to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies and to identify the new fields and industries we need to focus on to build expertise and become the best in these areas.

Some reviewers criticize this year CeBIT for becoming more consumer -oriented and less professional. Indeed, CeBIT 2013 has focused on software and services rather than hardware . But if the trade fair is seen as a barometer of the economy, then INP-Software is on the right way.

Still we share the idea that CeBIT 2013 once again consolidated its status as the world‘s leading  digital showcase, featuring new business ideas and trends, exclusive glimpses of the latest research findings and exciting product innovations.

Source: INP Software

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