CGI Guru Is Visiting MIX09 Conference

CGI Guru is preparing to visit MIX09 Conference in Las Vegas at March 18 through March 20. MIX conference is held a fourth time, and it gathers the most innovative web sites’ developers from all over the world. MIX is devoted to answering the acute questions of coding, strategy making, information architecture building, graphic design, as well as marketing.

“Visiting any web development conference, we always search for insight into new technologies, new ideas, meeting the leaders in the industry, and what is most the important, we search for knowledge to create the next generation of applications and web design. MIX09 brings together everything we need, that’s why we long to visit it so much”, – comments the CJI-Guru portal ( ) main editor.

The most interesting topics discussed at MIX09 include the boundaries definition between content and commerce, Windows and the web; the future of the most acute Microsoft web technologies like silverlight, expression, ASP.NET and others; building data-driven scalable AJAX web pages; and escaping flatland in application development.

About MIX09
MIX09 is a web development conference held in Las Vegas at March 18-20. The conference gathers designers and developers building cutting edge web sites. The main questions discussed are the future of the Web and the latest web technologies from Microsoft.

About CGI-Guru
CGI-Guru portal is related to the questions of web sites and web applications development, particularly the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) protocol implementation for web applications. It is devoted primarily to web developers and business analysts.

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