Charisma Cost Control – the TotalSoft’s new solution to the crisis

TotalSoft, a leading regional software producer, announces a new solution to the crisis namely Charisma Cost Control, the e-procurement platform. The product simplifies and optimizes the procurement processes, from the procurement budget structure, expenditure management applications, management and development of relations with suppliers, auctions, suppliers selection up to the contracts deployment follow-up.

Out of the 75 procurement responsible respondents questioned about the solution’s benefits, 75% mentioned the paper costs reduction, 61% the elimination of redundant processes, 58% the fast products identification, 42% the stock reduction, 41% the partner diversification and 38% reported the decreased dependence on suppliers. In addition, the productivity improvement, efficiency increase and costs reduction are further benefits of the solution.

Charisma Cost Control is a product developed on Microsoft SharePoint platform and benefits from an exceptional flexibility. Thus, the realization and implementation of new requirements, depending on each client, is a matter of a few hours, while the methodology allows the implementation of the solution within two weeks, depending on the complexity and accuracy required by the technical specification of the customer.

“Charisma Cost Control marks a turning point the TotalSoft’s strategy of offering real solutions to the crisis, with fast results at affordable costs. We have prepared a complete online solutions package, sold under Charisma Business Suite brand, which simplifies and automates both front-office and back-office processes, with priority given to areas most affected by the crisis.” stated Daniel Ionescu, Strategy Manager at TotalSoft.

TotalSoft addresses the market two types of offers – product implementation on the company’s infrastructure or SaaS implementation (Software as a Service), according to which the client pays for the service as for a monthly subscription. In both cases, the Charisma Cost Control advantages are major for both buyers and sellers that join the e-procurement platform.
Charisma Cost Control integrates with Charisma ERP, or any other resource management system of a company. A free demonstration of the solution can be planned to the address

Source: TotalSoft

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