Charisma Medical Software leads medical services to the on-line field

Charisma Medical Software, the solution developed by TotalSoft for optimizing the specific hospital, clinic and laboratory processes, unveils features such as the possibility to set medical appointments and access investigation outcomes on-line, as well as the possibility to trace the real time electronic medical records. Thus, the product aligns with the European Union interoperability requirements in the health field.

Charisma Medical Software simplifies and streamlines the interaction between medical services suppliers and patients, reducing by 80% the risks to postpone or delay an appointment. The solution provides the clients with the possibility to consult the doctors that are available and their schedules, to set appointments via Internet and to access the investigation outcomes via web. Thus, the solution offers clients rapid and correct information, without the need to travel to the medical unit, to lose precious time in traffic or to queue for a simple medical record.

Another advantage offered to corporate clients is the possibility to check rapidly the utilization degree of the medical services packages that are offered to employees, names of the employees that use these services and frequency or type of the services requested, simplifying thus the costs centralization and tracing process.

Charisma Medical Software allows the generation and tracing of the electronic medical records between different medical institutions. Thus, the product ensures the patients’ medical records traceability within the territory and offers a perfect vision on the patient’s record, past illnesses, past and current medications, allergies or other complications, eliminating at the same time human errors, investigation reiterations and significantly decreasing operational costs. Charisma Medical Software allows the highlighting of average costs per patient, section, doctor or any other medical entity, meets DRG requirements and SIUI reporting that are necessary for the National Health Insurance House settlements.

Charisma Medical Software is implemented at international level in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech or Estonia and manages more than 4 million patients. So far, 5.000.000 medical analysis requests have been processes by the system.

Source: TotalSoft

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