Charisma Warehouse Management – new features for the warehouse activity optimization

TotalSoft, one of the largest regional software producers, announces the development of new extensive features in Charisma Warehouse Management system, which is dedicated to warehouse activity optimization. The new features ensure the warehouse workflow automation, from the merchandise reception, delivery, inventory up to its storage and transfer between deposits.

Charisma Warehouse Management addresses the retail and distribution companies, whose efficiency relies on stock tracking, turnover and supply and on time deliveries. A mismanagement of these items together with the reception errors or slow deliveries, can only lead to low customer satisfaction and thus, to significant losses.

Charisma Warehouse Management comes as a solution to these problems, introducing a wide range of features such as volume analysis, logistics route for the merchandise taking over, sales forecasts that enable a timely preparation of batches to be delivered, automatic replenishment and warehouse withdrawal through configurable methods, including FEFO (First Expired – First Output).

In addition, the system streamlines the merchandise loading process, considering criteria such as loaded quantity vs. maximum quantity, loaded volume vs. maximum volume, optimal loading route calculated considering transfers from the warehouse to the delivery area, number of necessary roads for the merchandise loading, time and personnel that performs the transfer.

The features that addresses the reception, storage or delivery problems can be accessed from mobile devices, this option allowing the inventory and merchandise entries/withdrawals management through barcode scanning from any location of the warehouse.

The immediate results of implementing such a system can be translated into increases in storage capacity due to storage space optimization, minimization of cargo losses caused by expired stock goods, on time and cost efficient delivery, increased information accuracy about the warehouses managed, material flow optimization, increases in productivity and personnel cost reduction – all of these being the greatest challenges that distributors and retailers are facing.

Charisma Collection is part of the Charisma Business Suite and integrates seamlessly with the TotalSoft’s ERP system, or any other resource management system of a company. A free demonstration of the solution can be planned to the address .

Source: TotalSoft

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