China Sourcing (Ito/Bpo). December 09, 2010. London, United Kingdom

Start: December 9, 2010
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Join senior executives from some of the UK’s leading corporates to hear cutting edge case studies and participate in interactive panel sessions to hear how the likes of CITI, Honeywell, Wipro, Sungard and others have used China as a high quality, low cost resource for both ITO & BPO.

What you will learn by attending:

  • How to make outsourcing IT & BPO to China work for you
  • Tapping China’s growing ITO and BPO capabilities
  • What are the opportunities to develop business in China’s huge domestic market for IT & BPO
  • Future trends in the China market in ITO & BPO

Areas to be covered will include:

  • What types of IT applications & business processes have been outsourced & results to date
  • The costs & benefits associated with outsourcing to China
  • What are the risks and how can they be mitigated and managed
  • Managing cross cultural issues / Legal: Contractual, Data Protection, IPR
  • Process migration, technology and people issues
  • Governance models (3rd party / captive / BOT) & supplier selection issues
  • Chinese government policy & its impact on outsourcing: Infrastructure, work ethic, language

Speakers include:

  • Banesh Prabhu, Head of International Operations, Global Consumer Bank, CITI
  • Dariusz Sus, Head of Corporate Business Services EMEA, WIPRO
  • Yingqin Zheng, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Technology, DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY
  • Ravi Rao, Process Excellence Leader, HONEYWELL
  • Mark Payne, Shared Services Director, LOGICA
  • Hong Gang Founder & President, AMA INFOTECH
  • Abhinav Arya, Global Transition Manager, PEARSON
  • Arthur Yao Vice President, HI SOFT TECHNOLOGY

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