Christian Berner is Appointed as Senior Vice President Global Sales at Infopulse Ukraine

Christian Berner is Appointed as Senior Vice President Global Sales at Infopulse Ukraine

Infopulse Ukraine announces the appointment of Christian Berner as Senior Vice President Global Sales. This decision is driven by the company’s ambitious 5 year development plan which includes a significant investment in global sales, both in the geographical target markets as well as at the headquarter level. Andrey Link, who previously held the Marketing and Sales Director position, was appointed Vice President for Account Management & Client Engagement – a key element of the Global Sales Division that will consequently focus on strengthening the Infopulse customer-centric approach to service delivery on all levels of the organization.

One of the key strategic goals of Infopulse Ukraine for the next 5 years is winning new enterprise customers in Western Europe and in the US. And we are glad that the person to help Infopulse in this direction is Christian. For many years he has been a trusted strategic advisor for us and some of Infopulse’s long term clients. As a successful senior manager in different European IT companies, he has gained deep knowledge of the key European markets from the inside, and that makes him the right person to fulfill our new strategy
Alexey Sigov, President, Infopulse Ukraine

Christian Berner has more than 20 years of managerial experience with a strong focus on sales, strategy planning and implementation, global sourcing, change and people management. His previous career path includes assignments in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, the US, Russia and Vietnam. As a shareholder and senior executive of the Revacom Group he designed and drove the strategic change program and helped to position the company at the top of its market segment in Europe. Before, Christian worked in different senior sales, business and delivery management positions at Siemens Business Services S.A. and Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems S.A. in France and in human resources at Nixdorf Computer AG.

I am very enthusiastic to become a part of the Infopulse team. The stable and continuous growth of the company, the long-term customer relations and the consequent dedication of its people to quality make Infopulse a unique customer-centric player. As a member of the Evry Group, the company is in a very good position for the next big leap forward and now set to expand its client base on a global scale. As no other company in Ukraine, Infopulse is able to provide sustainable value in global sourcing across application services, information technology operations, telecom network operations and BPO services from one single source

Source: Infopulse

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